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We generate qualified leads that your sales team will love and deliver them directly to you in real-time.


By utilising the latest technology and online processes we're able to attract, qualify, segment and deliver targeted enquiries based on your specific criteria. Each and every lead will be waiting to hear from you. And with our Pay Per Lead model, you'll only pay for the leads we deliver.

Two Lead Generation Options

Pay Per Lead


It's simple. We put our money where our mouth is. We generate high quality leads and you'll only pay for what we deliver. This is the perfect solution for companies that are looking to scale with a high volume of new customers. All leads are generated in real-time online and delivered directly to your inbox or CRM.

Revenue Share


In some cases we offer a Revenue Share partnership. This can be beneficial for businesses that are looking to generate a very high volume of consistent leads with ongoing optimisation specific to the brand, product or offer. This can be ideal for new offers, new products or a good way for us to trial working together.

Customer Leads Bespoke to Your Needs


We generate and deliver enquiries in real-time directly to your inbox or CRM. All leads that we deliver are 100% exclusive to you, have strong intent for your product and have gone through our AI filtering systems to ensure they're a match for your criteria. The final delivered leads are vetted, motivated and waiting to hear back from your sales team.

What We Deliver

Live, Qualified, Exclusive Leads

Leads are generated online through our assets and delivered to you instantly. All leads are sourced via intent (They have actively searched in that instant) or by influence via targeting online audiences with messaging. All Leads are fully GDPR compliant and expecting your call.


Flexible, Pay For What You Need

Our Pay Per Lead model allows complete flexibility. You can order what you need, when you need it and your order amount can vary. Pay Per Lead is the perfect option for companies that want to scale fast with total flexibility and reduced risk.

100% Delivery Guarantee

You're protected by our 100% money-back guarantee. We guarantee to deliver the leads you purchase or we'll provide a full refund on any undelivered leads. We also replace any duplicates or leads with invalid contact data.

Our Clients Can Scale Quickly Without Risk

Why We're Unique

Daaco Lead Generation Company. Finance, Solar, Attorneys, Insurance, Pensions

Advanced Segmentation

First we capture intent which directs a prospect onto one of our web asset funnels. This is where the real magic happens. We use highly advanced decision tree processes to define the customer wants, needs and motivation. This allows us to filter each prospect ensuring that our clients receive high-quality leads based on their specific  business objectives.

Pay-Per-Lead Model

Our Pay-Per-Lead model sets us apart. We're world class when it comes to generating high-quality online leads. Thats why we put our money where our mouth is by funding the whole lead generation process. There are no complicated retainer contracts, no set-up fees and no ongoing commitment.

We only charge for what we deliver.

Lead Generation Companies B2B, Finance, Solar, Insurance, Pensions, Financial Advice
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A Done For You System

Everything is taken care of. There are no marketing campaigns to plan, no website to build, no advertising to create, no ad accounts to manage, no SEO needed, and no team to pay. Our clients order and we deliver. So, they can focus on selling and growing their business.


Daaco is a lead generation company that specialises in the delivery of real-time, exclusive enquiries from highly qualified and motivated prospects. We operate on a cost-per-lead basis with delivery ranging from 50 to 1,000’s of leads per week.

We help our partners scale their business quickly and consistently in a flexible and low risk way. We do this by operating with two key delivery models: Pay-Per-Lead and Revenue Share Partnerships. This means that our clients and partners benefit from the most advanced technologies, marketing strategies and expertise with no investment of time, staff or capital for marketing services. We only charge for results.


Would you like to become a Daaco partner and receive leads? Apply here

Some Tools We Use

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"Daaco have exceeded our expectations. They have delivered us a consistent monthly supply of leads and periodically asked us for feedback on quality and sales conversions our end. The team have listened to our feedback and worked with us to ensure that the leads delivered are the best possible fit for our offers."

Fintech Firm - London

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